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My teacher: eulogy for Joie Macaulay 1915-2015, English teacher at South Hampstead High School click here


(2021) Shakespeare's Dream Sequences London: Routledge. Discount click here

(2018) The Art of Personality in Literature and Psychoanalysis. London: Routledge.

(2016) The Becoming Room: Filming Bion's Memoir of the Future. Includes the filmscript, commentary and playscript (written for Tom Alter, performed in Bombay and Delhi in 2017) (review click here)

(2014 [1997]) Hamlet in Analysis: A Trial of Faith - Horatio’s Story   A novel based on Hamlet in the form of a psychoanalytic history. London: Karnac, 1997. Spanish translation by Crispina Sanders click here. See also “The Process into Fiction”. New edition 2013. Italian translation in process by Nadine Dresing.

(2010) The Aesthetic Development: The Poetic Spirit of Psychoanalysis  Essays on Bion, Meltzer, Keats.  London: Karnac. Published in Italian: Lo Sviluppo Estetico. Borla, 2012.

(2010) Bion’s Dream: A Reading of the Autobiographies  London: Karnac. Published in Italian: Il Sogno di Bio. Borla, 2011.

(2005) The Vale of Soulmaking: The Post-Kleinian Model of the Mind  Poetic origins of the psychoanalytic model. London: Karnac.

(1996) Five Tales from Shakespeare (for children). Perthshire: Clunie Press. See also “Bringing Shakespeare to the Child”.

(1991) The Chamber of Maiden Thought: Literary Origins of the Psychoanalytic Model of the Mind (with Margot Waddell). London: Routledge. Reissued in Routledge Psychology Revivals series, 2013, click here. Chapters on Shakespeare, Milton, Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Keats, Emily Bronte. Some chapters reprinted in Psychoanalysis and Art: Kleinian perspectives edited by Sandra Gosso. Published in Italian by Di Renzo (1996) as La Stanza del pensiero verginale.

(1988) The Apprehension of Beauty: The Role of Aesthetic Conflict in Development, Art and Violence (with Donald Meltzer). Perthshire: Clunie Press, reprinted Harris Meltzer Trust, 2008. Includes "The Undiscovered Country: the Shape of the Aesthetic Conflict in Hamlet" and "Holding the Dream: the Nature of Aesthetic Appreciation" (on poetry, Turner, and Adrian Stokes). Chapters reprinted in Psychoanalysis and Art: Kleinian perspectives edited by Sandra Gosso. Published in French (editions du Hublot), Italian (Borla), German (Diskord), and Japanese (Misuzo Shobo). New foreword (2018) click here

(1987) A Strange Way of Killing: Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights  Perthshire: Clunie Press. Chapter on “Wuthering Heights and Catastrophic Change” translated into Spanish by Silvia Grunwaldt and Miriam Botbol click heres

(1982) Inspiration in Milton and Keats London: Macmillan. To download click here. See also "Inspiration: a psychoanalytic and aesthetic concept".







(2019) Bion in New York and Sao Paulo new edition click here

(2018) Four Discussions with W. R. Bion new edition click here

(2018) A Journey Abroad: Wartime Poems Serving with the FAU by Roland Harris click here

(2018) Aesthetic Conflict and its Clinical Relevance

(2018) Counterdreamers: Analysts Reading Themselves co-edited with Miriam Botbol click here

(2015) Teaching Bion: Modes and Approaches click here

(2015) Teaching Meltzer: Modes and Approachesclick here

(2015) Man's Picture of His World and Three Papers by Roger Money-Kyrleclick here

(2014) Art and Analysis: An Adrian Stokes Reader click here

(2013) The Educational Role of the Family: A Psychoanalytical Model by Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris click here

(2012) Enabling and Inspiring: A Tribute to Martha Harris in consultation with Maria Rhode, Margaret Rustin, and Gianna Polacco Williams click here

(2011) The Tavistock Model: Papers on Child Development and Psychoanalytic Training by Martha Harris and Esther Bick (New edition of Collected Papers of Martha Harris and Esther Bick [Clunie Press, 1987]). Italian edition (2013): Il Modello Tavistock, Casa Editrice Astrolabio click here

(2011) Adolescence: Talks and Papers by Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris with preface by Jonathan Bradley click here

(2011) Thinking about Infants and Young Children by Martha Harris. New edition with introduction by Margaret Rustin click here

(2009) A Meltzer Reader: Selections from the Writings of Donald Meltzer with introductions by Grete Tangen Andersen, Morten Andersen, Miriam Botbol, Martina Campart, Irene Freeden, Trond Holm, Renata Li Causi, Neil Maizels, Robert Oelsner, Tomas Plaenkers, Lennart Rambert, Kenneth Sanders, Jon Morgan Stokkeland, Lilian Stokkeland, Laars Thorgaard and Eirik Tjessem click here

(2007) The Story of Infant Development by Romana Negri and Martha Harris click here

(2007) Your Teenager by Martha Harris click here.  See also “Martha Harris’ philosophy of education”.

(1999) Linguistic Transformations in Romantic Aesthetics by Morag Harris (co-editor with Morton Paley). Mellen Press, 2002. Morag Harris’s book Emily Dickinson in Time: experience and its analysis in verbal form is published by Clunie Press (1999).

(1986) Poetry for You by Roland Harris (edited with Morag Harris and Paul Cheetham). FOR SCHOOLS. Hutchinson, 1986; reprinted Nelson Thornas 2004. Available on Amazon. Some copies available via this website.






(2021) A Keatsian anatomy of melancholy in Festschrift for Albert Mason edited by Fred Vaquer (Phoenix).

(2020) Making up the mind: intersubjectivity or introjectivity? Psychodynamic Practice online

(2019) A Bion glossary (also in Four Discussions with W. R. Bion) click here

(2019) Bion: themes and conversation introduction to new edition of Bion in New York and Sao Paulo (Harris Meltzer Trust) click here

(2018) Bion's model of the mind in Four Discussions with W. R. Bion (new edition, Harris Meltzer Trust) click here

(2018) Foreword to new edition of The Apprehension of Beauty click here

(2017) Mythical narrative and self-development in A Handbook to the Reception of Classical Mythology edited by Vanda Zajko and Helena Hoyle, pp. 257-270. Wiley Blackwell.

(2017) The oedipal wound in two stories by Kafka Psychodynamic Practice 23 (2), pp. 120-132.

(2017) On having ideas in Doing Things Differently: the Influence of Donald Meltzer edited by Margaret Cohen and Alberto Hahn, pp. 166-175. Tavistock Clinic Series click here

(2015) The infant and the infinite: on psychoanalytic faith Psychodynamic Practice 21 (2), pp. 112-125.

(2015) Counterdreaming and symbolic congruence in Teaching Meltzer: Modes and Approaches - click here

(2015) The living mind - Bion's vision in Teaching Bion: Modes and Approaches - click here

(2015) Foreword to Man's Picture of His World by Roger Money-Kyrle click here

(2014) An introduction to Adrian Stokes in Art and Analysis - click here

(2014) Louise Bourgeois and the witches: the complexity of the feminine Steilneset Memorial, edited by Reidun Laura Andreassen and Liv Helene Willumsen, pp. 21-30. Orkana: Stamsund, Norway.

(2014) Autobiographical contribution in New Hall Lives II: A Decade of Change 1965-1974 edited by Tessa Kilvington-Shaw, pp. 107-108. New Hall Society, Cambridge.

(2013) Playing with fire: Prometheus and the mythological consciousness in Classical Myth and Psychoanalysis, ed. Vanda Zajko and Ellen O'Gorman, pp. 233-250. Oxford: Oxford University Press click here

(2013) Key pedagogic thinkers: R. J .Harris Journal of Pedagogic Development 3 (3), pp. 34-35 click here

(2013) Bion's Memoir: about the film click here

(2013) On the concepts of aesthetic conflict and catastrophic change (in Spanish) Temas di Psicanalisis 6 click here. For English/Italian talk click here.

(2012) On psychoanalytic autobiography Psychodynamic Practice 18 (4), pp. 397-412.

(2012) The child, the container and the claustrum in Louise Bourgeois: The Return of the Repressed, ed. Philip Larratt-Smith, pp. 31-46. London: Violette Editions. click here

(2011) The true voice of feeling: Lear's pilgrimage Psychodynamic Practice 17 (2), pp. 141-158.

(2011) On austere criticism click here

(2011, 1987) A biography of Martha Harris click here

(2009)The evolution of artistic faith in Patrick White's Riders in the Chariot in Ariel: a Review of International English Literature 40 (4), pp. 47-68. Reprinting in Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (TCLC), UT, USA: Gale (Cengage Learning), spring 2013.

(2009)An Introduction to Meltzer  Transcript of talks given in autumn 2009. For more talks click here
See also A Meltzer Reader.

(2009) Psychoanalysis as an art form British Journal of Psychotherapy 25(3), pp. 381-92.

(2009) A post-Kleinian Oedipus Literature and Psychoanalysis: Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Literature and Psychoanalysis, ed. F. Pereira. Lisbon: Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, pp. 59-64.

(2008) The hieroglyphics of Catherine: Emily Bronte and the Musical Matrix in The Brontes in the World of the Arts, ed. Sandra Hagan and Juliette Wells, pp. 81-100. Aldershot: Ashgate.

(2008) A post-Kleinian model for aesthetic criticism Psy-Art: an online journal for the psychological study of the arts.

The role of incantation: life drawing as an analogue to psychoanalytic process The Psychoanalytic Review 95 (3), pp. 463-74. See also "Lifedrawing as a model for the art of self-observation and discovery".

Inauguration of the Harris Meltzer Trust
introducing Your Teenager and The Story of Infant DevelopmentKarnac Review (summer), p. 20.

(2007) Martha Harris' philosophy of education
in Your Teenager by Martha Harris.

(2005) Confessions of an emmature superego
(written 1993).  A verse narrative based on Bion’s autobiographies written for and performed by Alaknanda Samarth.  Published in The Vale of Soulmaking.

(2005) Preface to Poesie et Psychanalyse by Arthur Hyatt Williams, transl. David Alcorn. Editions du Hublot. On Keats and Coleridge. In French; for original text in English click here.

(2005) The three vertices: science, art and religion  British Journal of Psychotherapy 21 (3), pp. 429-41. Revised version in The Aesthetic Development.

(2003) Conversations with internal objects: family and narrative structure in Homer’s Odyssey British Journal of Psychotherapy 20 (2), pp. 219-35.

(2004) Discovering symbolic identity through life-drawing
  Paper given at ‘Children in Troubled Worlds’ conference, Oxford). Published in Portuguese in Revista de Psicanalise, XI, December 2004). Related article: “The role of incantation”. See also "Lifedrawing as a model for the art of self-observation and discovery".

(2000) Beauty versus Honesty in Othello Paper given at Florence conference February 2000; unpublished in English. See also "Cleopatra's Monument" in The Vale of Soulmaking, pp. 149-74. Spanish translation by Miriam Botbol and Silvia Grunwaldt click here

(2000) Keats's "Ode to Psyche" in Exploring the Work of Donald Meltzer, ed. M. Cohen and A. Hahn. Karnac, 2000. Spanish translation by Miriam Botbol and Silvia Grunwaldt click here. Expanded in The Vale of Soulmaking.

(1999) Psychoanalysis: an art or a science? British Journal of Psychotherapy 16 (2), pp. 127-35. Spanish translation by Miriam Botbol and Silvia Grunwaldt click here New version in The Aesthetic Development.

(1998) The Aesthetic Perspective in the work of Donald Meltzer Journal of Melanie Klein and Object Relations 16 (2), pp. 209-18. Spanish translation by Miriam Botbol click here

(1998) The “Process” into fiction   An account of how A Trial of Faith was written.  Journal of Melanie Klein and Object Relations 16 (2), pp. 219-24.

(1998) Emotional problems of thinking with literature Changes: an International Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy 16 (3), pp. 201-05.

(1997) Inspiration: a psychoanalytic and aesthetic concept British Journal of Psychotherapy 14 (1), pp. 33-43.

(1997) Inspiration and imagination in Paesaggi della Mente edited by Sandra Gosso. In Italian. Milan: Francoangeli.

(1995) Bringing Shakespeare to the Child Paper on the problems of introducing Shakespeare to young children, written to accompany  Five Tales from Shakespeare. Given at a teachers’ conference in Malmo, Sweden, and published in Methods of Art as Paths to Knowledge (Lund University, 1995), ed. R. Berg and M. Campart, pp. 75-84.
Spanish translationby Miriam Botbol and Silvia Grunwaldt click here.

(1994) A Man of Achievement: Sophocles' Oedipus plays British Journal of Psychotherapy 11 (2), pp. 232-41. Paper given at a conference in Genoa in March 1994.

(1994) The Ugly Duckling a short story about a premature infant, in Romana Negri's neuropsychiatric study The Newborn in the Intensive Care Unit, pp. xvii-xxv (Karnac). Also reprinted in Journal of Melanie Klein and Object Relations 1998, 16 (2), pp. 225-32.

(1992) Macbeth’s equivocation, Shakespeare’s ambiguity in The Claustrum by Donald Meltzer (Clunie Press; reprinted Harris Meltzer Trust, 2008), pp. 159-85. Published in French (Hublot,) Italian (Cortina) and German (Diskord).

(1990) Looking with the mind: psychoanalysis and literature   Encounter 74 (May), pp. 33-38. See also "Inspiration: a psychoanalytic and aesthetic concept".

(1987) Book Magic: Aesthetic Conflicts in Charlotte Bronte’s Juvenilia  Nineteenth Century Literature 42 (1), pp. 29-45. Reprinted in A Strange Way of Killing.

(1986) Knowing the Mystery: against reductionism Encounter 67 (June) pp. 48-53.  A statement about psychoanalytic literary criticism. See also "Holding the dream" in The Apprehension of Beauty, pp. 178-99, and "A post-Kleinian model of aesthetic criticism".

The Tiger and 'O'  Free Associations 1, pp. 33-55.  An essay relating Bion’s dream-imagery to his theory of knowledge.

(1983) Bion's The Long Week-End: a review article  Journal of Child Psychotherapy 9, pp. 69-79.  First published review of Bion’s autobiography of his early years. Reprinted in Bion’s Dream.

“Underlying Pattern” in Bion's Memoir of the Future International Review of Psycho-Analysis,10 (75), pp. 75-86. On the artistic preoccupations of Bion’s phantasy-autobiography. Reprinted in Bion Today, pp. 381-405, ed. Christopher Mawson (New Library of Psychoanalysis, Routledge, 2011).

(1964-69) Juvenilia from the SHHS school magazine click here






Selina Sella in her father's footsteps review of Il Piacere del Vivere Scarno, a film by Francesco Alberti La Marmora

(2010) Mirroring and Attunement: self-realization in psychoanalysis and art by Kenneth Wright (Routledge, 2009). In Journal of Psychodynamic Practice.

(2010) Axis Mundi by Eric Rhode (Apex One, 2008). In British Journal of Psychotherapy  26 (1),   pp. 107-110.

(2009) On the Way Home: conversations between writers and authors edited by Marie Bridge (Karnac, 2008). In The Brown Book (Lady Margaret Hall), pp. 111-12.

(2008) Beam of Intense Darkness: Wilfred Bion’s legacy to psychoanalysis  by James Grotstein. In British Journal of Psychotherapy 24 (4), pp. 529-32.

(1992) Dream, Phantasy and Art by Hanna Segal (Routledge 1991). In Free Associations 3 (2), pp.  306-10.