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Some transcripts and recordings

Alter as Bion Memoir with Alter Becoming Room

Tom Alter played Bion in The Becoming Room in Delhi on 27 May, 2017 (review click here). (Photo credit: Monica Dewar.) The original film of A Memoir of the Future was also presented during 2015-2017 at: The Psychoanalytic Center of California (5th Annual Wilfred Bion Conference); Ambedkar University, Delhi; Martha Harris Study Group, Biella; British Psychotherapy Foundation (Wessex); Choros Group of Savona; WPF Therapy, London; Institute for Expressive Analysis, New York; British Psychoanalytic Association, London; Zheng Psychotherapy Studio, Wuhan, China; The Guild of Psychotherapy, London. Introduction to the film The Becoming Room click here

A Bion glossary click here

Transformations in O and conversing with the object (CONFER webinar 'On Not Knowing', September 2020) text click here audio click here

Not just in a play Talk about Dream Sequences in Shakespeare for BPF Wessex, October 2020 click here

The burden of the mystery (IPA webinar on 'Pain', February 2020) click here

Aesthetic conflict in art and analysis Psychotherapy Sussex, 10 February 2018, and North Hellenic Psychoanalytic Society, Thessaloniki, 28 April 2018 click here

Counterdreaming Martha Harris Study Group, Biella, March 2018English-Italian click here

Kafka: animal of the forest Essex University Open Seminar, 31 January 2018 click here

Trolls and maidens in Ibsen's inner landscapes Choros Group of Savona and Martha Harris Study Group, Biella, June 2017

Kafka: the wound and its transformations Martha Harris Study Group, Biella, January 2017

The Aesthetic Conflict in Art and Psychoanalysis Toronto Psychoanalytic Society, 3 October 2015

Father and son in The Odyssey The Racker Group, Venice, 19 September 2015 in Italian click here

On psychoanalytic autobiography 5th Annual Wilfred Bion Conference, Psychoanalytic Center of California, LA February 2015 for video click here

The work of Donald Meltzer Psychoanalytic Center of California, LA February 2015 for video click here

An introduction to Adrian Stokes Martha Harris Study Group, Biella, 2015

Hamlet in analysis AGIP, London, May 2015

On having ideas 'A mind of one's own', conference, Tavistock, London, February 2015 click here

Personality structure of the individual from a psychoanalytic, literary and artistic perspective: Nscience, London, 10 November 2014

Psychoanalytic faith and aesthetic conflict talks, Instituto Sedes Sapientiae, Sao Paulo 25 October 2014

Dostoevsky seminar Martha Harris Study Group, Biella 27 September 2014

Art and psychosis: psychic transformations modelled by artistic process Amnesty International, London, 27 March 2014

Room for the child: Louise Bourgeois and psychoanalysis Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 3 March 2014

On psychoanalytic faith Racker Group, Venice, May 2013; Martha Harris Study Group, Biella, 2013

Aesthetic conflict in art and psychoanalysis London Centre for Psychotherapy, April 2013 click here

Language, co-operativeness and the growth of the child Martha Harris Study Group, Biella, April 2013 English-Italian click here

Personality development in classic literature Savona, 9-10 March 2013 English-Italian click here

Bion's Memoir of the Future St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre, 9 February 2013

Principles of education - discussion of 'The child in the family in the community', Martha Harris Study Group, Biella, December 2012 English-Italian click here

Shakespeare and personality development Institute for Psychotherapy, Oslo, November 2012

Aesthetic conflict and catastrophic change Racker Group, Venice, October 2012 English-Italian click here

Among schoolchildren Martha Harris Study Group, Biella, July 2012 English-Italian click here

Through the writings of Louise Bourgeois (Chair) Conference on Louise Bourgeois to accompany exhibition at The Freud Museum. For Return of the Repressed (book) click here

Women, gods and witches: Euripides and the roots of perversity Psychoanalytic Association of Biella, May 2012 English-Italian click here

Beyond the Oedipus complex Martha Harris Study Group, Biella, November 2011 English-talian click here

A day of art and analysis organised by Alison Vaspe for the BAP 50th anniversary, May 2011

Louise Bourgeois and the witches Opening conference for the Steilneset Memorial, Vardø, Norway, October 10-11 2011 click here

On psychoanalytic autobiography Psychoanalytic Association of Biella, June 2011 English-Italian click here

The child, the container and the claustrum Symposium on Louise Bourgeois, Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art at UCL, November 2010

Growing points and the role of observation G.E.R.P.E.N., Paris, November 2010. French translation click here Italian translation

The true voice of feeling: Lear's pilgrimage Birkbeck Counselling Association Forum, May 2010

Life-drawing and self-analysis Wessex Psychotherapy Society, Southampton, March 2010

Dreaming the session Conference paper Seattle, November 2009

The growing germ of thought: the influence on Bion of the Romantic poets  'Children in Troubled Worlds', St Antony’s College Oxford, September 2009. For a recording click here

Introduction to the thinking of Donald Meltzer St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre, September 2009

Bristol colloquium on classical myth and psychoanalysis University College London, September 2009

The aesthetic development in psychoanalytic thinking Series of 5 talks at the Tavistock Clinic, summer 2009

Reversing perversion: the Byronic hero in Wuthering Heights Biella, March 2009

Psychoanalytical observation: the artistic analogy Buenos Aires, August 2008

The aesthetic Kleinian development Sao Paulo, August 2008 English-Italian click here

A post-Kleinian Oedipus PsyArt Conference, Lisbon, July 2008

Hamlet and adolescence Biella, May 2008

A morning in hell with John Milton St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre, March 2008

On Bion, Meltzer, and Keats's 'Ode on a Grecian Urn' Oxford Psychotherapy Society, John Radcliffe Hospital, November 2007 

The aesthetic state of mind and psychoanalytic learning from experience William Alanson White Institute, New York, October 2007

The aesthetic state of mind Stavanger, March 2007

Genesis of the aesthetic conflict Biella, February 2007

The crime of seeing and the chain of being: the artistry of Patrick White’s Riders in the Chariot Trialogue Conference, Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy and the University of Bristol, February 2007

The psychoanalytic understanding of creativity West Midlands Institute for Psychotherapy, April 2006

Objects in common Tavistock Centre, London, November 2006

The contribution of poetry to the post-Kleinian model of the mind Savona, October 2006

Journeys home: reflections on The Iliad and The OdysseyChildren in Troubled Worlds’, St Anne’s College Oxford, September 2005)

The poet in the vale of soul-making St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre, October 2005

Drawn from experience Children in Troubled Worlds’, St Anne’s College Oxford, September 2004