oil and watercolour paintings by Meg Harris Williams
Mural at Montecarlo
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Mural at Montecarlo - main image
Mural detail - Ulysses Mural detail - Montecarlo Mural detail - the dreamer Mural detail - the well Mural detail - the street Mural detail - the ploughman

The mural at Montecarlo near Lucca in Italy was commissioned by Liz and Henry Goldin and may be viewed by appointment with them - click here.
`The result is breathtaking... The centre of the mural is the Goldins’ house surrounded by a dream-like mixture of the idyllic and the sinister, with vineyards and the pretty village of Vellano in the background. We see Cain and Abel struggling with each other in the centre of Montecarlo, while in the sky above, Adam and Eve are thrown out of paradise. A figure from Piero della Francesca’s Dream of Constantine sits, deep in thought, by a pizza oven. Renaissance man, from Giorgione’s La Tempesta gazes towards the Goldins’ neighbours as they lower watermelons into their well to keep them cool. Ulysses sails the seas while figures from Dante’s Inferno and Keats’ Ode to Psyche appear on the surrounding hills.’
(Susan Jarman, Grapevine, Lucca, October 2002; full review click here)

All images copyright © Meg Harris Willams