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Meg and JoieJoie with Meg Harris Williams, Crondall, 2008

Francis and Joie

Christmas cheer, 2009; Joie with Francis

Adrian and JoieThe only dog allowed on the sofa; Geoffrey with Joie and Adrian Williams

Joie reading

Tray by Margaret Beynon

Dear autumnal Tray,
Fox-faced and furry,
First dusky brown, then
Coated in leafy russet-grey.
When he came to Oxford,
He was not Christmas wrapped in patterned paper,
But, peering from his sisal basket,
Brought joy to all
In his own special way:
First with look and lick,
Next with four-footed leap
And wild affray. All dog, when he sniffs
And circles round a stranger;
Quite human, in his learned response
To words and conversation:
Loved with mixed regret and joy,
This living thing that was
Both dog and boy.

Joie and Geoffrey 2

Joie on steps

Joie on front steps of Abbey Road with Geoffrey; photo by Mark Shackleton


After a walk round Kenwood; photo by Ingrid Thorstad, 2008

Primrose Hill with dog

With Geoffrey on Primrose Hill; movie by Brian Blandford.
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Brian Blandford

With David Hubbard and Brian Blandford in Monemvasia

Art exhibition

Art exhibition at St Marylebone


With Gordon Wright, 2014; photo by Felicity Steadman